The Creator

Compulsive Culture was created by Shana as an outlet to discuss her love of film and music because the people in her real life were getting worse and worse at pretending to care about these topics for her entertainment. She recently completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Calgary and is now completing her Masters of Arts at Carleton University. She also minored in Communications in hopes that this makes her more employable (which she has recently discovered it will not).

Shana is definitely consumed by wanderlust, having done the cliché thing and spent the last two summers of her undergrad traveling and studying in Europe and returning home having developed new international friendships, adopted new perspectives, and forever feeling unsatisfied staying in one place. She recently spent the summer studying in Leeds, England, and took the opportunity to travel around Great Britain, a longtime dream of hers seeing as most of her favourite authors and musicians are British.

By staying up to date with pop culture, Shana’s goal is to continue to learn about the mass media entertainment industry by bringing about new ideas and exploring the already established norms.